Yoga Moves Mountains

I was recently approached to do an illustration for a retreat that combines yoga and snowboarding. The concept was to create a trail map where the trails actually form the silhouette of somebody doing a yoga pose. Due to it's shape, I decided tree pose would be the best candidate to blend into the mountain. (Quite appropriate I think!)

I was ecstatic to work on this, since I love yoga, snowboarding, and illustration! I have a new found appreciation of the artists who create trail maps now. I studied quite a few to get an idea of how to put this thing together. You wouldn't believe the amount of detail there is in those things! I created this entirely within Photoshop and Illustrator. It's good that there was a limit on how much time I could spend on it, because it was pretty to get lost in the details of making every element perfect. Anyhow- I am really happy with the result!

They still have space by the way!