What's in a name? and Why?

What is behind Design Half Full?

I've noticed that my work seems to be dominated by things I enjoy such as yoga, snowboarding, and outdoor activities. Although this wasn't intentional, it is also no accident.

We seem to attract more of whatever it is that we are passionate about. As we make choices, we are laying the foundations for the future, whether those choices are intentional or not.

I was surrounding myself with yoga and snowboarding because those things were rewarding and felt positive to me. Now those things have become integrated into what I am doing professionally. Although I have to admit I did not put a lot of deep thought into it when I created my business name, there must have been some subconscious serendipity there because I have now realized that Design Half Full is more than just a clever feel-good name. It is a statement about the attitude I choose to bring to the table. It is a purpose for the work I create: to help others to see what is great about my clients. I do that work best when I genuinely believe that my client's service or product is of value, and therefore I want to connect with likeminded individuals and businesses, and help spread positivity in this world by facilitating others in sharing their passions. The name I have chosen is a statement of intent for all the decisions I make in my business. Design Half Full is what I stand for.

Knowing the "why" behind what we do everyday is powerful because it can help us attract people to us that have the same "why" and are working towards similar goals.

Knowing your "why" is a powerful tool. Check out this TED talk featuring author Simon Sinek explaining why the "why" can inspire action in others. Not being clear in the true intentions behind what we do can result in a lack of differentiation from competitors. 

Bringing it back to the mundane- knowing your why can help bring more of what you love into your work and into your life! What's your why? How do you apply it to your personal or professional life? Share your thoughts in the comments!