Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

I have made my New Year's resolutions, and now it's time to act. I thought this would be a very appropriate post for this time of year.  We've all been there- we know where we want to land, but we get "stuck." Sometimes it is hard to get past the great idea stage and get to the part where we manifest those ideas. In fact, I have been procrastinating on creating this piece for quite some time now. I wanted it to be perfect.  I was afraid I couldn't get it how I wanted it.  I was afraid that it would not be liked by others. What are the obstacles keeping you from what you want? Can you find a way to make things happen in your life? Are you going to let those "obstacles" stop you? Do one thing today today to move closer to what you want.  It's just one small thing, and it will feel great once you do it. To set the tone for 2013, I am putting this Ganesha piece out into the universe in hopes that obstacles will continue to fall away and this year will bring an abundance of positive changes. 

Feel free to download Ganesh to help remove obstacles that may be keeping you "stuck" to manifest your goals!