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Julia takes the time to listen and use the information ascertained to take my thoughts and create a tangible design. She grasps the business likeness, voice and mission and seems to allow that to be woven into the pieces she creates. It is an immeasurable sense of relief to know she just ‘gets it.’
— Geoff Sullivan, Managing Member, Continuum Performance Center


Continuum Performance Center is a boutique gym with an ongoing need for marketing materials which adhere to their existing branding. The brand's character is honest, rugged, and raw, yet high quality/high value. 

Services Provided

Print Design
Apparel Design
Logo Design


Continuum Performance Center



Literally EVERY single time I hand someone a business card they comment. “Damn, these things are legit.” or “This business card is no joke.” These responses embody the very nature of what CPC is about and conveying that through a piece of print is amazing. People practice their elevator speech to grab attention - I had them my card. Interest piqued.
— Geoff Sullivan, Managing Member, Continuum Performance Center

Sub Brands & Programs

CPC has several existing sub brands under it's umbrella with unique identities. In addition to designing for the existing sub brands, I was tasked with the identity development of a new branded program, Ladies Only Lift. In addition, there is an ongoing need to advertise various themed program offerings. These programs each require their own look, but must still maintain overall brand consistency.

From start to finish of a project, it’s the honesty surrounding the design time, scope, limitations and costs. On two separate occasions Julia has blanket told me to go somewhere else because it would save me money. That kind of confidence in a person’s own work, knowing full well I would be back, was something that made me smile and appreciate just how good she really is.
— Geoff Sullivan, Managing Member, Continuum Performance Center

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