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Logo for Bow Wow Treat Truck, an food truck for dogs selling organic homemade dog treats.


Bow Wow Treat Truck is food truck business with a unique twist: a mobile street vendor of organic, homemade dog treats and jerky. The brand needed a fun and eye-catching look to stand out in a busy urban backdrop. Another imperative was emphasizing that the treats are made from scratch, which differentiates it from competitors.

Services Provided

Logo Design
Identity Design
Vehicle Wrap
Print Design
Package Design


Bow Wow Treat Truck


Pet Food


Brand Character


Fun & energetic

Vibrant, young, and fresh to appeal to a demographic with an active lifestyle.


made with love

Bow Wow Treats are organic and handmade in small batches to ensure the highest nutritional value, which differentiates it from most of the commercially available alternatives. 





Blue and yellow are the colors dogs can see the best.


Identity Design


Bow Wow Treats needed a cohesive customer experience and clear brand voice. We designed business cards, and some concepts for the uniform design and products.


Packaging Design


Everything that is taken away from Bow Wow Treats whether it be doggie-bags, retail items, or packaged food should reinforce the brand's character. These package concepts bring the upbeat, fun vibe home with the customer.


Vehicle Wraps


The vehicles are the face of the brand and the first impression. We wanted to create an eye-catching, whimsical experience with this key branding element, so we once again we used the bright bold colors and big graphics to draw the eye.

The trike wrap was designed and implemented immediately. The truck is a concept design for when Bow Wow is ready to expand it's fleet.


Bow Wow Treats is a bold, fun brand which is sure to delight it's customers! All aspects of the business' presentation have a unique, cohesive look. A strong brand character has been developed, which will separate them from the competition and make a lasting impression.


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